Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 28 September: Roshni and Aman is in trouble

At the beginning of the episode, some strange animal arrives at Khan Mansion. And Roshni says who they are and why they come. Rubina says they are slaves of Kala Jin who has come for Taj Posey. Aman says that he will not let them go to Armaan and uses magic but he sees that people have gone. But black smoke has filled in their entire house due to which they are not able to see each other.

They try to remove smoke, but all their efforts fail. And their house also starts getting destroyed. Jhumru goes to the child and says that he will not let anything happen to him. Then his eyes turn blue. And he reveals his true form. And Jhumroo laughs and tells that he will be next jin and in that his family will support him.

There, when Roshni is failing, then Anjum and all the householders stand with her. Roshni gets courage from this and removes the black smoke. Then Roshni and others go to Armaan’s room. There they find that Jhumroo is lying unconscious which is Jhumroo’s trick. And they get worried for Jhamuru and think Armaan has done all this. And the evil inside him is increasing. Rehan says but maybe it is Jhumroo who is doing all this. Shayari says anything can happen but  not this because he is an innocent child who is suffering alot.

There Jhumru thinks that he will take Armaan away from his family. While Rubina reads things to improve Armaan’s condition in Ilme-jin. But then Jhumru cleverly puts a blanket there that will not allow Armaan to sleep. And Jhumaru will weaken Armaan by using it and then move on to his next move. Shayari further asks Jhumru about her family. He says he doesn’t know anything about it. Rehan notices a chain in his throat and he takes it from hin.

Further, Roshni tells Aman that since Armaan coverd by new blanket he is not sleeping. Aman tells her not to worry because the blanket has come from Ilme-jin. Aman says that he is going to study and if she has any problem, then call him. Roshni says ok, Roshni takes a nap and Jhumru comes there. Roshni’s eye opens and she sees Jhumru and asks why he has come here. Jhumroo says that because Armaan is not sleeping, he has come to help him in sleep. Episode end.

Precap: Aman tells Jhumru that his family has been found.


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