Anupamma 28 September : Kavya wants to replace Anupama

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya notices Anupama’s Mangalsutra and tries to wear it. But Vanraj stops her and asks her to stop this nonsense. Kavya says if he is holding Anupama and he is raising a finger on her. Vanraj says that she is crossing her limits now and she should leave. Kavya thinks Vanraj is right. It is her fault that she was careless. And she thinks of apologizing to Vanraj.

Kavya goes to the kitchen and asks Anupama whether she can cook pasta for everyone. Anupama says yes of course. Kavya asks how many people will going to eat it. Anupama says she should make it for the children only because Vanraj and the other elders do not like pasta. Kavya says Vanraj likes and he will definitely eat. Kavya cooks pasta for everyone and serves Vanraj. Vanraj eats it out of his heart. And says pasta is good.

At night, Kavya sees that Vanraj is eating Anupama’s handmade food again. And is praising her hand-made food. Kavya feels sad. The next morning Kavya asks Vanraj why he ate food again later. Vanraj says only to please Anupama. Kavya says that she thinks he is lying. Vanraj  says think whatever she wants to think.

There a boy named Sid is harassing Pakhi. He speaks with Pakhi that he will come and going to messed up  his brother’s engagement. Pakhi tells this thing to Anupama and says that she will not come in the engagement. Anupama tells her not to be afraid and says she will take care of everything. The next morning Apanuma cries after seeing a photo of Paritosh. Vanraj asks him what happened. Anupama says that her children grew up very quickly and Paritosh is going to engaged today. Vanraj says it is a very important day and do not let anything go wrong. Anupama remembers all the problems. And decides not to do anything wrong.

Precap: Anupama forgets Paritosh’s Sherwani at home. Kinjal runs away from the engagement


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