Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28 September : Trouble looms over Naira

In the beginning of the episode, Goenkas were blaming themselves for not taking Naira’s words seriously. Naira gave her diamond ring to one of the shopkeepers in the exchange of a vehicle, some cash, and a bag, Then Naira moves towards the same path from where that truck went. And Krishna was throwing few things out of the truck at some certain distance as leaving a clue for Naira.

The police come home and again hinted at the Goenkas that the family who has adopted Krishna are criminals. And they are doing this for a long time. Naira’s scooter broke down in between and she gets worried. Then the kidnapper’s tied Krishna and Kartik’s hands as they reach near the border.

Then Naira gets in a rickshaw with an old lady and that lady was with the kidnapper’s gang. She secretly mixes something in Naira’s water bottle and then asks her to drink. But Naira was getting a strong feeling that the old lady is suspicious so she throws the bottle and stopped the rickshaw and then she gets off.

Here Kartik and Krishna were shifted to a spices factory where Kartik cut his ropes which were tied on his hands using a broken bottle and started fighting with Kidnappers, And there the old lady was following Naira with a big stone in her hand and she also called few men’s for her help.

Episode ends…

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