Yeh Hain Chahtein 28 September : Preesha is in big trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Rudraksh take’s a stand-in favor of Preesha and says that this is not Preesha who has done all this, there were many competitors and rivals present in the party, someone would be from there. Preesha gets emotional on this gesture of Rudraksh. Gps and Vashuda were praising Rudraksh and thanking god. Suddenly Gps turns his steering toward Yuvraj’s house.

Here Gps and Vashuda reach Yuvraj house and as soon as Yuvraj opens the door Gps holding Yuvraj’s neckband tightly and pushed him back and started asking why he did that so.

While making Saransh sleep Rudraksh and Preesha were thanking each other how they both are supporting each other in there hard times. Rudraksh also tried to express his feelings to Preesha but in between Saransh demanded water and Preesha leaves.

In the next morning, Preesha calls Rudraksh to come aside as she wanted to share everything about Rahul to Rudraksh. But from the other side, Balraj enters and says that all music company has banned Rudraksh from singing and no one will now work with him. All his career is now over, suddenly Rahul enters and says that Rudraksh will work with him, he will sing for him. And Rahul also tells everyone that he was having a bond with Preesha that if she will bring any strong evidence against Rudraksh he will cancel her suspension from the medical department. After this, all were standing surprisingly.

Episode ends…

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