Shaadi Mubarak 28 September : Preeti and KT’s photoshoot

At the beginning of the episode, KT tells Preeti that his ad is liked by all and with the help of this their work will do well.  Preeti says yes.  Kt shows her the ad and asks how it is.  Preeti says it is good.  Kt says why is she praising so little.  Kt asks her to praise him and says that she is very stingy in terms of praising him.  He then asks Preeti to dress up and says they have to do a photoshoot together.  Preeti says she does not want to and she asks Kt to handle the photoshoot.  Kt says as the company belongs to both, they will both do a photo shoot.  Kt tells Sheena to take care of Preeti and get her well prepared.

Further, Chanda arrives at Kt’s company and greets Kt.  Kt tells her to sit comfortably and drink tea.  While beauty parlor starts putting makeup on Preeti’s face.  Preeti stops her and says she can’t do this.  Then Kusum’s video call comes and she asks Preeti to get her makeup done.  Preeti is shocked to see her and says how she came to know.  Kusum says that Kt told her and she asks the beauty parlor girl to prepare Preeti.

Chanda further gives Kt a cactus as a gift.  And she pretends like she was about to bring flowers but accidentally brought the cactus.  Kt accepts her gift and says that whenever he sees this gift, he will feel more like working.  Chanda gets irritated.

Preeti comes ready for the photoshoot.  Kt is shocked to see her.  And praises her beauty.  Then the photoshoot starts and Preeti is unable to give good poses for the photos.  Kt tells the cameraman that Preeti is uncomfortable.  He says he will put her in talks and when he plays the pinch, he takes the photo.

Kt talks to Preeti and plays a pinch.  The cameraman takes the photo.  And calls it a good picture.  Next, Preeti is coming towards her house, some women see Preeti, and since she has make-up on her face, those women give her a taunt.  And behave rudely.  Preeto panics and runs away to the house.

Preeti’s mother-in-law and father-in-law sit into the house.  Who are shocked to see her in makeup.  Her mother-in-law taunts her for doing such makeup things at this old age.  Preeti becomes depressed. Episode end.

Precap: Tarun challenges Preeti.

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