Qurbaan Hua 29 September : Vyas ji punishes Chahat

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat laid her neck down and closed her eyes, she wasn’t responding to Niel. Niel started crying and after a few minutes Chahat started coughing, then Niel helped Chahat to settle down and get angry on her for taking that poisonous holy offering. Then Chahat requests Niel not to say Vyas Ji about this incident and takes a promise of it from Niel.

Then Niel wiped Chahat’s face and make her feel comfortable, Then they both left the place to reach home. Gazala was wondering how Chahat is living in Vyas Ji’s house and then she enters the house to see how well her poison worked on Niel. As she was entering she saw Niel standing in front of her and she wonders how it could be possible. Then Gazala picks sickle from the garden and stabbed on her another hand and immediately she runs towards the house shouting Vyas Ji name and then fooled everyone with her fake story that Dr Baig’s people attacked her on the way, and requested Vyas Ji to keep her as a maid in this house. Then Vyas Ji accepted her offer and allowed her to stay in their house.

Inside the house, Vyas Ji was distributing sweets to everyone, but he ignored Chahat, and to that, she felt sad. Niel stopped Vyas Ji and said Chahat is also present there why he didn’t give sweets to her then Vyas Ji said, Chahat has insulted our old tradition and spoiled today’s ceremony, After listening to this Chahat requested Vyas Ji to forgive her as she was not having such intention. Then Vyas Ji gave her a punishment that whole grains which will be distributed among beggars will be in the form of flour and Chahat will all alone grind the grains using a hand flour mill. Chahat accepted this punishment.

Aalekh provided the setup in the backyard of the house. Chahat was a little confused about how to use this hand flour mill, Suddenly Niel enters with an electric machine for Chahat to make her work easy but Chahat denied and said she will not lie to Vyas Ji anymore. Then Niel guided her and Chahat started her work and asked Niel to go and investigate who is trying to disturb our family peace.

Episode ends……

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