Shakti 29th September : Heer is ready to help Jharana

At the beginning of the episode, Jharana makes a video call to Heer and says that if she does not help her then she will commit suicide. Heer advises her not to do any such thing. But Jharana says that she wants to marry Virat and if she does not help her then she will die. There Virat is still throwing the letter in Heer’s room. And Preeto goes to see what is going on. Preeto looks outside the window and finds Virat. Virat asks her to call Heer. But Preeto does not answer him and moves out of the window.

Preeti tells Heer that she should help Jharana. Mahi also comes there and asks Heer to help her as Soumya would have helped her if she had been in place of Heer. Heer tells Jharana that she is willing to help her. Jharana becomes happy. Virat decides to go back when Heer doesn’t come out. But then Heer comes and accepts her love for him and embraces him.

Virat is very happy and says that he wants to marry her right now. He says that he has found Heer after so many difficulties and she does not want to lose her back. And so he wants to marry her and make her his. Virat takes her to the temple of Heer’s house. And he informs Preeto and the rest of the housemates that he is going to marry Heer today. Heer explains to Virat that his health is not good right now, so they should wait till he is fully recovered. Virat agrees. Heer then going out with Virat to drop him to the hospital.

Preeto and Mahi inform Jharana that Heer and Virat are coming to the hospital. Mahi suggests to Jharana marry Virat soon so that her daughter will live in peace. There, Parmeet raises her hands-on Gurminder and scolds her for provoking Virat. Parmeet even says that now she has to find a second wife for her husband because she is not pregnant. Jharana also taunts her.

In the way, Due to injury on Virat legs, he is not able to walk properly. Heer makes it sits on a cart. Virat says how she will carry his weight. Heer tells him not to worry about this. Both share some sweet moments together. And after some time they reach the hospital. Where the people of Virat’s house are waiting for him only. Episode end.

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