Barrister babu 28th Sep : Binoy ask Anirudh to start his life again

In the beginning of the episode, Bondita trun off lights so that Anirudh does not have to see her.  And she goes to Anirudh and touches his feet and at the same time apologizes to him and cries.  She then leaves from there, which makes Anirudh sad.

Bondita remembers how they were married.  Bihari and Koyli look at her and weep and pray that Bondita cannot go from here.  Anirudh also comes towards the door and is hiding.

Bondita sees a temple, takes her soil and thinks that this village will never come out of her mind.  Then Durga Maa’s Chunri and Sindoor falls on Bondita.  The other side Mini is dancing because she is happy with Bondita leaving.  Then Anirudh comes there and thinks why she is dancing.

The woman tells Bondita that it is a blessing of Mata and symbolizes a happy life.  She explains that this will keep her relationship with her husband connected.  But Bondita remembers the bitter words of Anirudh and is sad.

As soon as Mini realizes that Anirudh exists there she pretends to be blind and starts crying.  Anirudha consoles her and says that she will get well soon.  He then tells her about Bondita.  Mini pretends to be amazed.  And Anirudh says that now Bondita is nobody for him.

Sampoorna asks Anirudh to bring Bondita back.  For which Anirudh refuses and curses Bondita to accompany Brij.  And call her a liar.  Further, Bondita comes to her village.  Her mother is happy to see her.  She asks her about Anirudh.  Bondita does not answer.

Further Anirudh imagines that Bondita is questioning her.  And he is irritated by it.  He tells Bondita to shut up.  Koyli says no one is here.  Binoy offers Anirudh to resume life.  Bondita’s aunt finds the letter from Anirudh and she finds that Bondita has been dismissed from Tulsipur.  Episode end.


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