Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 29 September:Jhumru does not let Rubina’s plan succeed

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni removes the blanket from Aarman saying that she does not think that this blanket is suitable for Armaan, so she wants to remove it. Roshni says she cannot explain her point but she thinks so. Aman says he has full faith in her and if she wants to remove the blanket, she can remove it irresponsibly. There, Rehan is going to find Jhumru’s family members, when Shayari comes there and offers to go with him. Rehan says does she fall in love with him as she wants to go with him everywhere. Shayari gets shocked and says no, she is only coming to help him. She adds that Rehan also needs her help and also asks her why she took Jhumru’s chain. Rehan ask her to looks at the chain and says that maybe it is a sign of Jhumru’s family. Shayari also watches it carefully and then they leaves from there.

Rubin brings Abehya’s culinary water and says if Armaan takes a bath in it, the negativity surrounding him will be removed. Jhumru hears this and thinks that he must do something before Rubina ends his game. He puts poisonous animals in the water. And stops Aman from bathing Armaan in that water and smiles. And then he deliberately pours that water on himself so that everyone will feel that Armaan is doing it. And everybody feels the same.

Roshni tells Aman if their son is really doing something like this. Aman says yes maybe because he is the next black jin and maybe the evil inside him is dominating him. Roshni gets worried and hugs Armaan. Then she notices Jhumru laughing and finds him missing in an instant. Roshni becomes charred.

Rehan and Shayari come towards a house and ask a man if he knows anything about the house. The man tells that this house belongs to Jins and leaves from there. Roshni asks Rubina if someone else can sit in place of Armaan to fill the space. Rubina says she does not know about it.

Aman tells Jhumru that Rehan and Shayari have found his house. Jhumru gets shocked. Rehan and Shayari are going inside the house. But Jhumru blasts it with his magic. Shayari reports this thing to Aman. Aman gets shocked while Jhumru smiles. Episode over.

Precap: Roshni tells everyone about Jhumroo’s reality and tells that he wants to be the next Kala Jin. Jhumru says Roshni is right. Everyone is shocked.

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