Anupamma 29 September : Vanraj ignores Kavya

At the beginning of the episode Vanraj says it is getting late, so get ready quickly. Leela says they are from boys side so they should leave late. Vanraj says that Dolly, Sanjay and the rest have all reached there. Leela says that he should say this to his wife because she is the one who is delaying. Vanraj calls Anupama. Kavya comes there and gets irritated seeing that he is calling Anupama. Then Anupama comes there and is enchanted upon seeing Vanaraja.

Then they go to the hall for the function. Going there, Anupama tells Vanraj that decoration is good. Kavya says but Rakhi might not like it. Vanraj considers Kavya’s point strange and ignore her. Further,  Anupama and Kavya collide with the wire and about to fall, but Vanraj saves them both. Then Rakhi comes there and says how Vanraj manages both women together.

Anupama asks did she like the decoration. Rakhi says the decoration is good but the hall is a little small. Anupama’s mother comes and Anupama introduces her to Rakhi. Rakhi says her mother is a simple like a maid. Leela taunts Rakhi and says she should not fly in too much.

  Then Pramod comes there and informs them that Kinjal has run away from the engagement. Everyone is shocked. But then they come to know that it was just a prank and all get relief. Then Vanraj and Anupama scold Kinjal for this. Kinjal apologizes. And they say they were also joking.

Further, the engagement function begins. Anupama and Vanraj perform the ritual. Then they dance. While Sid sends a message to Pakhi. She gets nervous. Anupama tells her not to worry. Vanraj also sees Pakhi sad and asks her the reason. Anupama says that she is only tired. Episode end.

Precap: Vanraj and anupama dance together. While Sid send massage to Pakhi and tell her that he will destroy her today. Pakhi gets nervous. And Rakhi wants a reason to messed up the sagai of Paritish and kinjal.

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