Yeh Hain Chahtein 29 September : Rahul faces Rudraksh’s wrath

In the beginning of the episode, Rahul was trying to provoke everyone against Preesha by telling everyone a fake story, that Preesha was having a bond with him to help each other, So Preesha gave that video to Rahul in the party without coming into the notice of anyone. But Preesha started trying to justify herself that Rahul is trying to use me to remove his competitor from his path. Then Rahul tried again to make everyone believe on his words

Rudraksh said Rahul that he believe him, and on the next very moment he slapped him tightly and holding his collar said that he has full belief in her and she will not do anything against him.

Here Rahul was standing in aggression and Yuvraj came to him and notices folds on his collar and started asking him that what happened to him. Now Rahul was holding a grudge against Rudraksh and wanted to kill him. And Yuvraj provide him with a plan how to take a revenge from Rudraksh and asked him to leak the news on media about Preesha’s suspension and provoke everyone in the jury against Balraj and ask them to FIR against Balraj as they are having proof also.

Few moments later Balraj called Rudraksh and started saying in a high pitch that all the singer’s, producers whose name were mentioned in the video has logged a defamation case against him and now he is surrounded by many cases, He started blaming Preesha for all this and making that video.

Mishka came and said Preesha has became a breaking news, and her suspension news got leaked into the media and now media is blaming khuranas’s for disgracing both music industry and medical department. After listening to this Balraj curse Preesha for all the things happening right now, and said Preesha to proof her self innocent.


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