Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29 September : Kartik saves Krishna

At the beginning of the episode, The old lady was following Naira, and Naira finds a temple and mixed up with the crowd, and after seeing her with the crowd the old lady break out from there. Kartik and Krishna were secretly escaping from the factory, but Kartik notices few children like Krishna were under there trap. Then Kartik sends Krishna to call someone for there help and he remains at that place to save other children from there trap.

Naira spent her night in the temple, and the next morning she continues her Search and started moving towards the spices factory. Krishna was running on the roads and searching for someone for her help. Suddenly her eyes fell on a police officer, But he leaves the place before Krishna could catch him.

Then Naira meets Krishna one the way and she feels happy to see her, but she also gets to know that Kartik is in big trouble. Naira and Krishna start moving towards the factory to save Kartik but suddenly a pain started in Nair’s womb.

And there Kartik was interrogated by the kidnapper’s at gunpoint about the Krishna but he didn’t answer them correctly. Then kidnapper’s locked Kartik in that same room with other children’s.

Two men’s helped Krishna to bring Naira to a clinic from there she called the police for help but in between call ended, and there Kartik opened all the ropes from the children’s hand and set them free, and motivated them that they are very strong and they have to escape from this place as soon as possible.
Episode ends….

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