Shaadi Mubarak 29 September : Tarun challenges Preeti to earn money in 25 days

At the beginning of the episode, Tarun speaks bad words about Preeti. He says that Preeti is taking full advantage of staying at Juhi’s house and wandering around and applying makeup on which is bringing disrepute to us. Rati says that people are saying bad things about Preeti which is affecting their honor. Preeti’s mother-in-law says if Preeti still respects her then she should leave this job. Preeti says that she is working for self-respect so that her son does not say that she only knows how to spend money. Rati says it means that she is taking revenge for that thing with Tarun. Preeti says that the day Rati herself becomes a mother, she will know that mother never takes revenge on her children.

Preeti tells her mother-in-law that she wants to do the job so that her son cannot take her out of the house as she despises. Preeti says when her son leaves her, she comes to her daughter’s house. And her daughter’s family gave her a lot of respect and love which her son did not give her. Preeti says that now she also feels that she should do something for these people. Preeti says that after marriage she became someone’s sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, wife, and mother but Kusum made her friend. She instilled confidence in her and opened the locks of false shame.

Tarun says that she can never become anything because she knows only to do household chores from the beginning and she can only do it. He taunts her as she is the only housewife. And says she can only go out to embarrass him. Then Kusum comes there and shouts at Tarun. She says being a housewife is no small thing. Because today he is speaking so much on the strength of a housewife. She tells Preeti’s mother-in-law, Tarun is insulting Preeti in front of her, then why is she not saying anything.

Further, Kusum says and about self-respect, because he did not give that honor to Preeti, so she had to go to the job to find respect. Preeti asks her mother-in-law for a chance. She says she will never allow their name to be found in the soil. His mother-in-law and father-in-law look at each other. Rati feels her game is about to end and she tells Tarun to say something.

Tarun says if she needs a chance, he is giving. He gives her 25 days and says that if she earns money in 25 days, he will accept it. Otherwise, she will have to come back home. All are shocked by this condition of Tarun. Preeti looks at Tarun with wet eyes. And he asks if she accepts the condition. Episode end.

Precap: All are asking Preeti to reject this condition because it is not easy to earn money from the business in 25 days.

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