Qurbaan Hua 30 September : Gazala got a strong clue

At the beginning of the episode, Aalekh and Naveli were sitting in a room and Godambhari enters the room with teacups in her hand, And she noticed Naveli was a little upset because Vyas Ji was impressed with the gift, which Chahat bought for Kripa and Aalekh was too unhappy with Chahat because he was not able to attend the ceremony properly and he too wanted to punish Chahat for all this. Godambhari says that leave this for me as I am born to punish.

When Chahat was busy in her work in the backyard kitchen Naveli and Godambhari came and started interrupting in her work and making it more difficult for Chahat. Naveli started vomiting in the garden, hearing her sound Chahat immediately came and calmed her and made her sit on the swinging chair and checked her hand veins and said everything is normal.

Naveli was a little worried about whether she is pregnant or not. Godambhari came there are and said it’s all because of her dieting nothing else and takes her for there. After bringing her inside Godambhari said she knows very well, why she is vomiting like this and holds her cheeks and said, in spite of telling you many times, you meet Pramod. Naveli started panicking and said its nothing like that she hasn’t done anything. Thinking for a while Godambhari said to Naveli that, if she becomes pregnant Vyas Ji will kill her also like Saraswati and mentioned, he is a dangerous man. Niel was passing from there heard Godambhari’s last words and stopped, And started asking about whom she is talking. Cleverly Godambhari twisted her words and made a fake story and fooled Niel.

Niel comes and praised her work and offered her a glass of juice but she didn’t accept and said before completing her work she will not have anything. Then Niel notices blisters on Chahat’s hand and immediately said her to stop doing this and use the electric flour mill. But Chahat was not willing to take any risk this time through which Vyas ji gets angry. so she applied her idea and with the use of rope, she managed to do that with the hand flour mill.

But after a little moment, Chahat fainted and Niel picked her in his arms and started moving towards his room, in between Vyas Ji stopped Niel and asked him what happened to her wife. In return to this Niel blamed Vyas Ji for all this happened to Chahat, and there in Chahat’s room, Gazala was searching for little clues that what Chahat is doing here, she saw a bag in which she found a religious black thread and through that she predicted that Chahat is trying to hide her cast from everyone one.

Episode ends…

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