Barrister babu 29th Sep : Mini’s father wants Anirudh to marry Mini

In the beginning of the episode, Bondita is going to tell her mother about Anirudh’s letter. But then Devolina comes and tells Sumati that Anirudh has left Bondita. Sumati gets shocked. There, Binoy says that Trilochan tried hard to make Bondita the daughter-in-law of the house, but she did not deserve it. But now he will bring Mini who deserves to be the daughter-in-law of this house. And who is also worthy of Anirudh.

Devolina says that she knew that Bondita would definitely commit a scandal. And she did and now Anirudh drove her out of the house. Devolina says if Sumati does not believe in her, then she should ask Bondita. Bondita says that Mami is telling the truth that Anirudh expelled her. Sumati is shocked and she beats Bondita and asks what did she do that Anirudh took such a step.

Anirudh tells Mini’s father that he will bring back Mini’s eyesight back at any cost. Mini’s father says but he cannot send both of them outside the country without any relationship. Because the people of the society will taunt her for this. Anirudh says does he care more about society than Mini. He says he is worried about her honor. He adds and if Anirudh still wants to help her then he needs to marry Mini.

To answer Sumati’s question, Bondita tells her that she did this to save Sampoorna’s marriage. She tells her the whole story and Sumati hugs her. Bondita’s maternal uncle aunty gave each other a look. Mini’s father says will he marry his daughter. Anirudh remembers her marriage with Bondita.

Binoy ask if he does not want to get married because he is married. He says he can marry 2 women. Anirudh says he will not marry Mini as he does not approve of her second marriage. There Sumati and her brother think of sending a letter to Anirudh. So that Anirudh comes to know the truth and takes Bondita. Mini’s father says that then he will not send Mini to London.

Anirudh says he is doing very wrong. He hurts himself and goes from there. Mini says that he still does not agree for marriage. Binoy says if they hurt him like this, he will agree. Mini says and she will hurt Anirudh. Episode end.

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