Shakti 30th September : Heer wants to meet Virat one last time

In the beginning of the episode, Virat asks Parmeet not to say anything to Heer as he had gone to her. Parmeet says that Heer has brought back her runaway son, so why would she say her anything. Sant says that he misunderstood Heer a few times and he apologizes for it. Heer says there is no need.

Daljit tells Virat to rest. While Virat first worries about how Heer will go but then Rohan is come there and Virat leaves from there. Parmeet says thanks to Heer and Heer says that there is no need, just make Virat get married soon. Saying this, Heer leaves from there.

Rohan informs Preeto that the result of Heer is about to come. Preeto says then she should worship so that Heer passes. Soham says see the result later but first tell me where is Heer? Preeto says he does not have the right to know about Heer.

Jharana enters the room. Parmeet, Simran, Sant, and Daljeet are also present in the room. Jharana tells them how she has asked Heer to take flowers and cards for Virat. Simran says Heer is a foolish girl who is still helping them. Everybody laughs at it . Gurminder overhears everything and decides to inform Virat.

Heer gives flowers, balloons and cards to Virat at the hospital. Virat brings the matter of marriage again. Heer says they will talk about later. Virat says but is she really with him? Gurminder says no. Gurminder is about to tells Virat further things. But Heer stops her. Gurminder says if Heer is in love with Virat then she should talk to the family about marriage.

Then Parmeet and others come there. Virat tells that he loves Heer. Jharana says that if it is so, then sje is ready to take her step back. And pretends to cry. Virat feels sorry for her.

Further, Parmeet slaps Gurminder and says that she saw her when she was listening to them. So she also followed her. She asks Daljit to do something with Gurminder. And Daljit ties Gurminder’s hand with a rope. Heer wants to meet Virat for the last time but since Virat is sleeping, she goes without meeting. Episode end.

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