Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 30 September: Roshni suspect Jhumru


At the beginning of the episode, Roshni is shocked to learn that Aman wants to adopt Jhumru. Aman tells Roshni that Jhumru has no one in this world and he is very lonely and that is why he wants to do so. He adds that when Rehan and Shayari went to Jhumru’s house and at the same time it was also burnt. Roshni says that she understands that Aman is getting a glimpse of himself in Jhumru. But it is also strange that the house burned before Shayari and Rehan went into the house.

Roshni says and they don’t even know why Armaan doesn’t like Jhumru. Aman says that the reason is that he is going to be next black ijn. Jhumru listens to his words. And he goes to Armaan and says that his mother is causing trouble for him. But he will not let her succeed. And he Roshni’s phone notices.

He calls  at the ashram from her phon and later the ashramwale  comes to their house and says that Roshni has informed them that an orphaned child lives in their house. Everyone is shocked. Jhumroo smiles. Roshni says she did not make any call. The man says that he only wants to tell that they cannot keep any such child in the house.

Aman and Roshni talk in which Roshni tells him that she did not call anyone. Aman says that she does not want to keep the child in this house who saved her son. Aman says that he will not leave Jhumru alone and adopt him.

Shayari and Rehan get a photo frame from the burnt house. Rehan takes that photo and notices a newspaper after cleaning it. He reads it and finds that Jhumru is not a child of 10 years but has been alive for 100 years. There Rubina tells Roshni that there is no harm to Armaan apart from his family members. Roshni says that Jhumru does not belong to this house.

There Aman signs the adoption paper to adopt Jhumru. Roshni says that he has made a big mistake by doing this. Aman asks why. Roshni speaks that Jhumru wanted to become a member of this house so that he could remove Armaan from his way and become a black jin himself. Jhumru says Roshni has told the truth. And he comes in his real form and tells that he is a red jin for 100 years. Who used to serve Kala Jin. Therefore, he should become the jin after he leaves, not Armaan. Everyone is shocked.

There Shayari and Rehan are in a cave where they found Jhumru. They come there to find out about Jhumru. But hear some strange sounds. In house, Jhumru says that Shayari and Rehan, who considered themselves spies, had survived the last time but will not be saved now. Everyone gets worried. There is a stir in the cave and Rehan and Shayari get into trouble. Episode end.

Precap: Roshni sees Aman getting faint but then finds that someone was making a fool of her.

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