Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30 September : Naira is ready for war

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik made a plan with other children’s to escape from that place, But it didn’t worked at all. Then they putted Kartik in a Van and was about to leave that place, Suddenly tableaux of God arrived in front of them in which Naira was also present. Mrs Desai got stunned after seeing Naira with so many people’s, There van was also not starting. And People present in the tableaux were moving towards the van, Then Mrs Desai, commanded one of the kidnapper to kill Kartik as he will waste all our plans.

With the help of tableaux people’s Naira saved Kartik from the trap of Kidnapper’s and police also arrived at the same place and arrested Mrs Desai. Before police takes off Mrs Desai Naira slapped her and expressed her aggression.

Here Goenka’s were joyfully thanking God. And decided to distribute some foods among beggars. On listening Krishna’s arrival, Dadi gets little angry on Krishna and blamed her for all the incident, And said she can’t live with us here. Naksh reached at Naira and Kartik location and takes them back home with Krishna too.

Episode ends….


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