Yeh Hain Chahtein 30 September : Rudraksh almost hits Balraj

In the beginning of the episode, Ahana and Balraj mutually telling one thing to Rudraksh that Preesha has to give an example of her innocence. Preesha denied to give any proof of her innocence, as she hasn’t done anything and said her family has Provided good values to her. Then Balraj becomes hyper and clasped Saransh and Preesha hands and started moving to throw them out side the house, But Rudraksh stopped Balraj and said Balraj to leave both of them hands and don’t dare to hold them again. A heated conversation started between Rudraksh and Balraj, Rudraksh was about to hit Balraj but didn’t. All of them gets a shocking facial expression after watching this. Then after seeing this kind of gesture, Balraj said Rudraksh’s family to get out of this house.

Gps enters from the other side and takes a support on behalf of Preesha and asked Balraj to give any proof that Preesha has done all this. Then Balraj commented on Gps status, and after listening this Gps left the house by telling Rudraksh, that he is waiting for them out side this hotel.

Rudraksh and Preesha starting there packing and were also remembering few past happy moment’s spent there. Before leaving the house Preesha went to meet Sakshi for the last time and said her to have faith in time and God. Saransh was little upset on leaving this house like this.

Ahana tries stop Rudraksh but he didn’t get into her words at all. Then Preesha and Rudraksh left the house with tears in there eyes. On listening little noise from outside the house, Vasudha went and saw Rudraksh with Saransh and Preesha were standing and started asking them what happened. And there were many neighbors standing and commenting on the news, and yelling harsh words against Preesha and Rudraksh.

Preesha takes a stand on behalf of everyone and said, She is very proud on his husband who came with her leaving all luxury’s behind. Rudraksh’s principal called Ahana to just inform that Rudraksh hasn’t logged-in for today’s class. Ahana started telling her to throw him out of the school, suddenly Sakshi entered and Ahana twisted her words and started acting of requesting the principal to not throw him out of the school after listening to this Sakshi said to pass her the phone, she will talk to her, And Ahana gets confused what to do.

Episode ends…..


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