Anupamma 30 September : Pakhi is shocked to see Sid

At the beginning of the episode, Sid gives a threatening message to Pakhi. Pakhi gets scared. Leela calls Anupama, she is taking Pakhi along. But Leela says why she is bringing Pakhi. When Anupama is unable to take Pakhi, she tells Kavya to take care of Pakhi. Kavya says is everything right? Anupama says yes, it just that she is not well, that is why. Kavya says OK. Anupama goes to Leela and then Pakhi notices Sid and gets scared.

Anupama finishes work and comes towards Pakhi, but only then Rakhi come and says that she wants to introduce her special guest. She introduces Anupama and Vanraj to Mr. Desai and his wife. Anupama says she liked meeting him. She adds that she liked that they came here. Rakhi says she also liked that they came here to such a small place. She taunts that because these people are from the middle class, they could not book any big hall. Anupama and Vanraj feel bad about Rakhi’s words.

Desai says that it is okay and they then introduce them to their son Siddhart i.e. Sid. Pakhi is shocked to know that Sid is his son. And she hides this from Anupama so that Paritosh’s marriage does not face any problem. While Samar takes Anupama, saying that now she has to dance. He also makes the couple name of Vanaraja and Anupama which is Anuraj. All cheers Anuraj Anuraj. Kavya gets angry. Vanraj and Anupama performers and did an amazing job.

At the same time, Sid goes to Pakhi and says that she looks hot today. Pakhi gets nervous. Samar arrives and tells her not to worry. Pakhi says OK. Further, Pakhi tells Anupama that she has to go to the bathroom. When Anupama gets some work, she asks Jhilmil to accompany her. There, Vanraj tries to obey Kavya. And Rakhi notices them.

Precap: Samar and Nandni dance together. Sid forces Pakhi. Anupama slaps him.

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