Barrister babu 30 September : Bondita faces humiliation

At the beginning of the episode, Devolina says that today is Bondita’s friend Bela’s turmeric function, she asks if she will not go there. Bondita says she will be ready soon and will go. But Sumati stops her and says she will not leave. Bondita asks but why. Sumati says because she doesn’t want to. Sumati thinks that society does not accept the woman whom her husband leaves. And she does not want Bondita to face this humiliation. But Mama says that Bondita can go because after receiving the letter, Anirudh will come to pick up Bondita. Sumati agrees and says that Bondita can go. Bondita becomes happy.

Anirudh asks Sourav if he should marry Mini. Saurav says it was going to happen earlier then he can do it. Sampoorna listens to them. Anirudh says that he cannot take any decision emotionally right now, so he needs some time. Sampoorna comes there and taunts Anirudh. Sourav tells her to be quiet. She leaves from there.

Bella asks Bondita what happens after marriage and asks her about how the husband behaves. Bondita remembers Anirudh and tells Bella that her husband scolds her but also protects her. Then Bondita remembers that but now Anirudh has abandoned Bondita and she becomes unhappy. Devolina tells Bella’s mother that Anirudh has left Bondita. Therefore, they should not let Bondita apply turmeric on Bella.

Next, Bondita is applying turmeric to Bella but Bella’s mother stops her and lets others apply turmeric to Bella. Bella mother stops Bondita whenever she is trying to apply Haldi on her. And finally, she throws turmeric from Bondita’s hand. And says if she applied turmeric to Bella, it will become ransom. She adds that Bondita’s feet are ominous. She says that Bondita is an abandoned woman and a black cat is better than her. She says Bondita is impure. Bondita says she did not make any mistake, so how did she become impure. Bella also tells that Bondita should leave. Bondita gets shocked. And they throw Bondita out.

Sampoorna says that Mini and Anirudh have no match and that Bondita will be back in his life soon. There, Anirudh is getting distracted. He feels that something is wrong. Mini calls Anirudh and calls him to her house. Bondita asks her mother what is an abandoned woman. Mini pretends to be scared in front of Anirudh. And tries to come close to Anirudh. She makes him drink a drugged juice and Anirudh faints. While Bondita asks her mother what is an abandoned woman. Her mother says nothing. But then Devolina tells her about an abandoned woman and tells her bitter things. Episode end.

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