Qurbaan Hua 1 October : Gazala gets a strong clue against Chahat

At the beginning of the episode, Niel was moving towards his room with Chahat in her hands. Before Niel reached the room Gazala escaped from there quickly. Vyas ji was recalling Niel’s words in his mind. Pramod was feeding Kripa with a bottle, And suddenly Naveli enters and locked the gate. And she started blaming Pramod that he no longer loves her. Then Pramod calms her and says he loves her very much and also mentioned that for her how he killed Saraswati and blamed Dr. Baig for her murder, And Naveli secretly records all this in her phone as a proof that Pramod loves him and for future reference.

Chahat started muttering in her dream about Sharukhan and getting married to him, Niel with his sweet jealous nature tried to wake her but she was continuously talking about that then Niel decided to wake her by splashing water on her face. When Niel was leaving the room he notices Vyas Ji was coming towards him from the opposite side, Then he closes the gate and try to wake by making a sound from the wind-chain, But she Didn’t wake up and after listening to the wind-chain sound Chahat started speaking “Aami” and Vyas Ji entered the room and listened to her last words and asked Niel what she is muttering. Cleverly Niel made a fake story and fooled Vyas Ji.

Vyas Ji sat beside Chahat and holed her hand applied turmeric paste on her blisters to cure them. In between Niel taunted Vyas on his this gesture, Vyas explained to him that he not that stone-hearted person and wished Niel could understand his feelings too. While working in the kitchen Godambhari called Gazala 2-3 Times, and then Gazala came with Chahat’s locket and gave it to Godambhari by telling she found it in Chahat’s room while cleaning. Pramod was passing from there stopped and acknowledged the situation and took that locket in hand and started examining and found that something was written on it in Urdu and Wondered how this can be found in a Hindu based house and to whom this locket Gazala tried to hint everyone towards Chahat. But Godambhari said all the members present in the house are of Hindu religion. Now Gazala was sure that Chahat has hidden her religion form everyone and staying in this house.

Niel and Chahat came downstairs and saw Pramod and other members of the family wondering how this nonreligious locket came to this house. After thinking for few seconds Niel said that this Locket belongs to him, His friend Iqbal gave it to him last year when he was very ill, and also mentioned that this locket is close to him so he can’t throw this. Then all the members get scattered, And Chahat in a low voice thanked Niel to save her from this situation. Gazala listened and wondered that Niel is known to the facts then also he is supporting Chahat.
Then Niel and Chahat went for the dinner where Niel made her sit and served her, Gazala speaking in her mind takes a pledge to scramble the truth hidden behind there relationship.
Episode ends…..

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