Shaadi Mubarak 30 September : Preeti accepts Tarun’s challenge

At the beginning of the episode, Tarun says that he has given her 25 days and now she needs to prove that she can earn respect from this work. He takes a sari, ties 25 knots in it, and says he will come and open it every day and remind her of the challenge. And if she lost the challenge, then she came home wearing this saree. And this time when she came, she closed her mouth and came. He says that as long as she was silent everything was fine but since she started speaking everything is messed up. He asks if she accepts the challenge.

Kusum says that she should not accept the challenge. Sumedh and Juhi also say the same. They say that it takes 2 years for any business to grow. And Tarun also took 3 years, then how can he give such a challenge? Preeti also says that she will not accept this challenge because it took 25 years to become a good daughter-in-law. Then how can she become a businesswoman in 25 days? Tarun says if she does not accept the condition then he will be silent like her. Rati says if he is crazy. Preeti’s mother-in-law says that she should listen to Tarun. Preeti says okay she accepts.

There, KT praises his mother. His mother says how nice it is when children praise their mother. She adds that but how bad it feels when a mother makes her children feel ashamed. She says as Preeti. KT says Preeti is not like this but how did she come to know about these things. She says she has her own ways of finding out. KT understands who told her but stay calm.

Tarun says and as soon as she loses she should close her mouth and come back to his house. Preeti says is he waiting for her to lose. Tarun says because he knows that there is nothing special in his mother and she will lose. Preeti feels sad. Tarun and Rati leave from there.

Kusum is angry with Preeti. She says that her son has made her a fool, and it would have been nice if he had stopped speaking. Because anyway he only says bitter things. Preeti tells her not to speak like this as she is his son. Kusum says she is crazy who loves her unworthy son so much. Preeti says Tarun is rude. But when he comes to know that his mother has the courage to do something, he will take with all of his heart. And then he will have a real victory. Episode end.

Precap: Rati asks Tarun to get close to Priyanka so that she can get to know about Preeti’s plans.

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