Shakti 1 October : Virat breaks marriage with Jharana

At the beginning of the episode, the nurse turns off Virat’s room lights but Virat refuses her to do so as Heer is about to arrive. The nurse tells him that Heer has left and that she will come in tomorrow morning. Virat says why Heer left without meeting him. The nurse says that if he wants Heer to always be with him, he should marry her. And when they have a child, she will deliver.

Virat thinks that Heer cannot get the happiness of the child, but he will definitely give her the rest. The next morning the result of Heer has arrived but the page is not loading. Preeto is worried. Heer wishes she gets a pass. While Virat’s family tells him that he is going to marry Jharana today. Virat says he will not and this is cheating. Parmeet says that she is doing this for him only as Jharana is best for him. Virat says but didn’t love her.

There Preeto says when the result will open. Rohan asks her to wait for a while. Preeto is getting distracted. Then the page loads and Rohan tells that Heer has passed. There Virat says that he will not marry anyone to accept Heer. And runs away.

Rohan says that Heer has passed but her name is on the waiting list. And she will get the job next year. Shano laughs. Preeto scolds her. Heer says that even after so much hard work, she becomes a failure. Shano says maybe this is not in her destiny.

Then Virat comes there and says yes she is right because he is Heer’s destiny. Heer is shocked to see him. She asks about his marriage with Jharana. Virat says he has broken that marriage.

Virat says that at first he felt guilty for Jharana and for the family but then he came to know that it is not his fault but his family doing is wrong. And he announced that he will marry Heer only. Preeto slaps him. Virat and everyone are shocked. Heer tells him to leave.

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