Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 1 October : Dangerous trick of Jhumru

At the beginning of the episode, Jhumru says that Roshni and Aman are not exactly good parents who did not trust their son and believed in him. He tells how Armaan tried to warn him every time but every time he felt that the evil inside Armaan was awake. He tells that he could not do anything to Armaan until he becomes a part of his family. He says so that is why he pretended to be poor. He says now that since they have made his work easy, he will finish his work soon.

The plow starts moving in the cave there. Shayari says that this work will be done by Jhumru because even before he had set his house on fire. Rehan says that maybe there is something in the cave that Jhumru wants to hide from us. That’s when Shayari notices Kiki’s written message. There Aman want tha Jhumru does not recognize Armaan, for that he makes many Armaan stand in front of him. But Jhumru sets fire to Armaan’s palanquin with his trick. And Aman and Roshni were forced to bring the real Armaan in front of him. He lifted Armaan on his lap. And started taking him from there.

Further, Jhumru notices that the fire is raining on the Jamuni hill. And so he goes there. Because the rain of fire means that the Taj is going to be posed. Jumru goes to Jamuni Hill with Armaan. Aman and Roshni also follow him and beg him to leave Armaan.

Jhumru says that he has to eliminate Armaan as he wants to become the next Kala Jin. He tells Armaan that he make him easy death . But he has to die at any cost. Roshni and Aman start crying. And Lal Jin kills Armaan. Kala Jin’s taaz starts coming from the sky. And the crown set on   Jhumru’s head. But still when Jhumru’s clothes are not red to black, he finds something wrong.

Then he sees that Aman has wiped his tears and Armaan has come in Roshni’s lap. He says how Armaan came back when he killed Armaan. Aman says he feels that he has killed Armaan. But he cannot kill Armaan because only  Armaan’s family member kill him. Lal Jin says but he had become his brother. Aman says that he feels that but Aman had never signed the Adoption paper. Because he was informed by Rehan about him. Shayari and Rehan also come there. And tells Jhumru how they came to know that the Jamuni hill is Jhumru’s weakness And they cleverly brought him here.

Jhumru’s face turns pale. Aman uses his magic on him. And Jhumru goes down the hill and gets injured. Shayari says that he is entitled to this.

Precap: Roshni notices that Aman is faint but then she realizes that it was someone’s trick.


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