Yeh Hain Chahtein 1 October : Preesha wants to help Rudraksh

At the beginning of the episode, Vasudha started saying Preesha that no need to say them anything, And unmask everyone by commenting on there weaknesses. When Ahana hands over the phone to Sakshi, principal disconnected the call. After entering the house Saransh sat in a corner with a gloomy face. Noticing him Preesha and Rudraksh comes near him and made him feel easy by giving an example and says that its like an exam which God is taking from us. Then Rudraksh start tickling Saransh and changed his frame of mind.

Sakshi called Preesha and said her make Rudraksh login into the class immediate. Then both Saransh and Rudraksh started there online class. While Rudraksh was attending his class he notices some of the students were bullying him in the absence of the class teacher. Preesha observing all these decide to unsolved everything as soon as possible.

Rahul was giving instructions to her manager that party should be in a grand manner and each and every one from the music industry should come. At the same time Preesha forcefully entered in Rahul office and started warning him to stop all his scheme to show is husband downward. Preesha leaves the place. While Preesha was crossing the road she meet Rahul’s wife and said her everything what Rahul did with him and Rudraksh. His wife showed sympathy to Preesha and promised her that she fix evert thing but Preesha left the place as she knew Rahul would not change his actions.
After completing his online classes Rudraksh was recalling every line said by the students, and felt angry for that. Saransh came near Rudraksh and calmed him by motivating him and with his positive words.

Rahul’s wife was Very unhappy from his actions and said him that he did what he felt right and now she will do what she will feel right and also mentioned that she will no longer live with him in his house. Suddenly Rahul holded her hand said he will fix back everything for her and asked her to call Preesha and Rudraksh for today’s dinner.

Neerja called Preesha and said Rahul is feeling guilty for what he did and Rahul will fix back everything what he did, And asked them to come for the dinner. At the same time Yuvraj entered and Neerja left. Yuvraj started asking Rahul that who is coming to his house for the dinner. Rahul replied Rudraksh and Preesha and gave a suspicious look.

Episode ends…..

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