Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 October: Nair’s come back

In the beginning of the episode, Akhil came home and on hearing his car sound all the family member came outside the house to welcome Kartik and Naira, But Akhil slowly came and said Pain started in Nair’s womb so he dropped them at the hospital. Here Naira and Kartik were planning that how they will support each other during delivery time. Then Naira started insisting Kartik to bring an ice cream for her. As Kartik was going to bring ice cream for Naira he meet with his Family member’s at the gate and everyone felt happy after seeing Kartik for so long.

Naira was eagerly waiting for her ice cream while laying down on the hospital bed, Nurse laughed at her and said she is only worried about her ice cream not delivery. Kartik managed entry pass for all of them and then they went to meet Naira.

On returning with the ice cream Kartik notices Dadi was having a small child in her hand and all the family members were praising her cuteness. Kartik felt little upset for not being present on the delivery time. Then nurse took that baby from Dadi and was moving towards nursery Kartik stopped her and took her in his hand and got emotional, and then after wards he got to know that Naira hasn’t delivered her baby yet, And this baby was if someone else.

Then Goenka’s reached home and welcomed Naira and Kartik. When Krishna went inside to play with Gayu’s baby. Dadi said to Kartik and Naira that Krishna can’t live with use, But some how Kartik made Dadi understood that it would not be right to send her back to that place and risk her life. Dadi didn’t said anything but she was also not fully satisfied.

Then Naira and Kartik moved towards there room to take rest and Krishna started following them but Dadi clasped her hand and stopped her and said to sit here only. Krishna reacted rudely to this. Gayu thinks in her mind that how Naira and Kartik will react when they will get to know that Dadi is behaving rudely with Dadi.

In the room Naira and Kartik were praising each others effort in the previous incident and forcing each other to take rest.

Episode ends……


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