Anupamma 1 October : Anupama reveals the truth of Sid

At the beginning of the episode, Rakhi asks Vanraj and Kavya what they were doing alone. Kavya says that they were talking about the office. Rakhi says that there is something wrong here. Pakhi is there in the bathroom and Jhilmil stands outside for her protection. Then Sid comes to the bathroom and he tells Pakhi to send Jhilmil from here or else he will leak her photo. Pakhi sends Jhilmil from there with some excuse. When Anupama sees that Jhilmil is not near to Pakhi, she goes to the bathroom in worry. There Sid is harassing Pakhi and Anupama slaps him for this. Jayesh notices that Anupama is not anywhere, so he asks Vanraj where she is. Vanraj says that he will check. He then notices that Anupama is dragging Sid. Anupama throws Sid into the feet of his parents.

Rakhi gets furious and says what is this action. She shouts at Anupama and Anupama asks her to lower her voice. Rakhi is shocked to see this attitude of Anupama and says that she is breaking this engagement. Vanraj tells Rakhi to be quiet and asks what happened. Anupama then tells how Sid harasses Pakhi. Anupama says that if she talks about breaking the engagement, she should think before she says it. Anupama says that if she still breaks the engagement, then this time Paritosh will not go with her and Kinjal will too.

Further, Anupama says that as a mother, she has taught her daughter not to fear but to fight. She used to say that she has slapped on both the cheeks of Sid and if she is fed turmeric milk for two days, then it will be cured. But if Sid had damaged Pakhi, this wound would not go on for years.

Rakhi tells Desai that they should leave here. But Mrs. Desai says no. She says that all this was started by Apanuma but she will finish it. She says she made a mistake by slapping Sid. Sid says yes of course. But then Mrs. Desai slaps him and says that Anupama should have slapped him so much that he would fall into Pakhi’s feet and apologize.

She says that she thought she was a good mother but if she was a good mother then her son would not act like that. She says that today Anupama opened her eyes and we can’t find a mother like Anupama as she is the best mother. She tells Rakhi that she is a businesswoman and knows the disadvantages. She says that if she breaks the relationship with this family, it will be her biggest loss. She leaves saying this. Episode end.

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