Shaadi Mubarak 1 October :Rati wants revenge

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti says that she is not fighting with Tarun and Rati. She says her fight is against her own fear. She says that she does not want Tarun and Rati to fall but only wishes respect. She says and if Kusum supports her in this, then she will win in 25 days. The next morning KT informs her that their ad has been doing a great job and they get a lot of calls and Preeti thinks that now she can earn money from it and she can earn respect in the eyes of Tarun.

KT says that they should have food now and when they start eating, Sheena comes. She tells them that a very big businessman wants them to organize their daughter’s wedding. Preeti stands up to go to the meeting. KT says they should finish eating first or else they feel they need them. Preeti says that they really need them as they are newcomers so they should not lose this big chance.

There Nathmal gets annoyed with Chanda because she herself did not come to the meeting and sent Rati. He says that there is no civilization in it at all. Then Nathmal’s assistant tells him that the owners of the Shadimubarakh have come. Nathmal says that it is called civilization. He says that the owner is always the owner and a servant remains a servant. He says that he does not need Rati’s project and she can leave.

Rati gets upset when she notices that Preeti is there. And when she reaches office, Chanda insults her. Rati thinks that she will definitely take revenge for this insult from Preeti. There Preeti asks Nathmal what kind of marriage they want. Nathmal gives them all the details. Preeti notes them. Preeti and KT are talking about marriage. When KT makes Preeti hear the audio on his phone. He says that Preeti noted a lot there but he made it easy by recording it. He asks Preeti to save the paper and Preeti smiles and says okay.

Rati further tells Tarun how she has been insulted by Preeti. She says what would happen if Preeti got such a big project. She says that she will never come home again. Tarun says that he will not allow this to happen. And will keep Preeti at home. Episode end.

Precap: Rati asks Tarun to steal the ideas of Preeti’s wedding planning using Priyanka.

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