Qurbaan Hua 2 October : Gazala started plotting her plans

At the beginning of the episode, all the members of the family were having their dinner. Due to blisters, Chahat was unable to eat by herself, so Niel was feeding her with a spoon. Godambhari tried to taunt on this gesture of Niel and Chahat, but Vyas Ji contradicted her words. Gazala was standing in the corner and wondering how Chahat is getting so much love support in this house instead of being Dr. Baig’s daughter.

Niel was thanking Chahat to save her from the poisonous holy offering. Bu Chahat thank him too for taking her to the clinic and injecting her the antidote. Then after starring each other with the love affection for the few minutes, Niel said it was necessary to save him as she is the only ticket to reach Dr. Baig. Chahat instantly gets upset and settle down on one side of the bed. Then Niel feels sorry in his mind for his words.

On listening to Kripa’s crying voice both Niel and Chahat went to her room and found no one was present in the room, and then Niel acknowledged that Pramod is not present in the house. Niel carried Kripa in his arms and observed an unpleasant odor, and said Chahat that to call someone to change her diaper, but Chahat insisted Niel change Kripa’s diaper. With little hesitation, Niel changed the diaper but didn’t toss the used diaper inside the dustbin.

Naveli felt calmed as she tested negative for pregnancy, and came outside the house to dispose of the pregnancy kit. Chahat noticed Naveli from the balcony and came downstairs, and asked Naveli that what was she doing in the garden. Naveli replied, that she taking a casual walk in the garden, then Chahat said to her that she saw her from the balcony that she wrapping something inside the newspaper and dumped into the dustbin. Naveli asked Chahat that has she taken little cannabis. After listening to this Chahat itself went near the dustbin and searched for that newspaper, and she Didn’t get anything inside it. Chahat apologized and left the place. Naveli wondering that went near the dustbin to search for the Pregnancy kit, after a while, Gazala enters with the pregnancy kit in her hand asked Naveli that is it the thing which you are searching for, Naveli gets stunned and speechless. Then Gazala said that she noticed Chahat was doing arguments with you and gave her the surety that she will not tell anyone about this, and she will Also throw this somewhere far from the house.

The next morning Chahat wake and noticed Niel was cleaning her wind-chain and gets surprised on his this gesture. Then Chahat noticed that her blisters got healed and decided to go and thank Vyas Ji for his homemade tube. While changing the garland from Saraswati’s poster Gazala was speaking in her mind that staying in this same house, she will not let Chahat be in peace. Then Chahat and Gazala collided and the loose end of the saree gets down from Gazala’s head, and Chahat saw her from behind and trying to memorize her.

Episode end……

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