Barrister babu 1 October : Anirudh is in trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Devolina explains the meaning of the abandoned wife. She explains that a widow is better than a woman abandoned. She says that the widow gets the least food but the abandoned woman does not get that either. She tells that the abandoned woman is a curse that has no value in society. She says that her family also has to suffer the punishment of the abandoned woman.

There Mini asks Anirudh that he sneak out of the room. Anirudh says why. He says that they have not done anything wrong, so why to have to go in secret. He opens the door and finds Mini’s father, Dida, and a pandit. Pandit says how a boy and girl spent the night together. He says that this is a sin. Anirudh says that he has not committed any sin. Pandit says that he can see what happened in the room. Mini’s father says that he should not tell this to anyone and he gives him some money. Which the pundit rejects and says he will not be a part of this sin. And goes from there. Dida says that Mini has become impure. Anirudh says why is Dida saying such things. Mini’s father angrily tells him to leave from there. And Mini also says the same and they all laugh when Anirudh leaves from there.

Bodita asks if the abandoned woman is unfortunate, then is Anirudh also unfortunate. She says that even if Anirudh is leading a lonely life like her, does that mean that he too is left out? Devolina says that she is crazy about what she is talking about. She says that there is a difference between man and woman and man is never unfortunate. Bondita then recalls Anirudh saying that once that Nimbu does not discriminate against anyone, for nimbu, women, and men are equal. Therefore Bondita talks to Nimbu.

Here, Anirudh also remembers Bondita. Then Bihari comes there and says that the sarpanch has come. There, a woman asks for water, which is a prostitute. And that’s why no one gives her water, but Bondita gives her water. The woman asks her why she gave her water even after knowing that she is a prostitute. Bondita says that her husband says that no one should be discriminated against. But then a child curses her and says she is an abandoned woman. Bondita gets sad.

Anirudh says that if Trilochan says he will consider marriage. And when they ask Trilochan, he refuses and says that his daughter is the only bondita and will remain the same. But then Mini’s father tells him about the incident of the night which Trilochan is shocked to hear but Anirudh makes it clear that nothing has happened between Mini and him.

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