Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2 October : Roshni, Aman and Armaan in trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Aman apologizes to Armaan because he doubted him. Then he notices that fire is raining. Roshni tells Aman to stop raining fake fire. Aman says that it is not fake raining, and it is real rain. They all get nervous, and they then close the doors of the house and the windows. Rubina says they will have to stop Taj Paushi. Roshni says that she will never allow this host. Aman, Roshni, Rehan, and Shayari use their magic. And find that the rain of the fire has stopped, but the now Taj is coming down from the sky. Aman says no one can beat them as long as they are together. And they will not allow Arman to be crowned host.

But then they find that the crown has not descended from the sky. Rubina says that this was written in Ilme-jin. No one understands what is happening. Then a demon comes there. He attacks Junaid Haveli. Everyone puts powder of Jang-a-marmar on it. Rubina asks Roshni to go to Armaan. Then Roshni notices that Aman is suffering in pain. But when she goes to him, she finds that Aman is perfectly fine. Roshni says that maybe someone has tricked them. They go out and are happy to see Armaan safe.

Rubina says, how can it happen that nothing happened. She says something is wrong. Aman tries to find out with his magic, but all is well. Then the black crown comes there. Aman and Roshni get nervous after seeing this. And try to stop the crown. But it is not easy to defeat the Taj, and they are getting repeated failure. Then there comes Baby Rooh and takes Taj on his head and saves Armaan.

The baby spirit becomes alive due to the black crown. Aman and Roshni become happy. Salma says she thought she would never meet Baby Ru. She says, but she had two grandchildren in her luck. Later, Roshni stands on the roof alone. Aman comes there, and Roshni asks why he has left the children alone. Aman says Rehan and Shayari are with them. Aman finds Roshni worried and asks her the reason for her concern. Roshni tells that the crown of the baby soul is nourished; baby Ru is now black jin. She says she is afraid of something wrong.

Aman says that he cannot do anything about tomorrow. But today they can be made good. Aman says that today is a good day for him. And they should be happy rather than disappointed. He burns lamps in the sky with magic. And says that tonight will be known as Roshni Ki Raat, and the two share a romantic moment.

Precap: Aman and Roshni see another Aman and get shocked.


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