Anupamma 2 October : Rakhi taunts Anupama

At the beginning of the episode, Pramod asks Kinjal and Paritosh to come on stage. Rakhi tries to stop him. Pramod shouts at her and says that she can no longer stop the marriage and go if she does not want to participate. Anupama says that the mother’s stubbornness and children’s happiness cannot go together, so she should give up her stubbornness and participate in the engagement. Rakhi says yeah, fine.
Further, Vanraj tries to make Pakhi eat some sweets. Pakhi says that she doesn’t want to eat anything. Vanraj says that eating something sweet will bring her energy. Samar and Paritosh also try to make her happy. Anupama tells Vanraj not to worry because nothing has gone wrong. Vanraj says that something wrong did not happen because she did not allow it to happen. Kavya gets angry on seeing both of them together.

Further, the engagement ceremony is about to begin. Anupama goes to get Sherwani made by her hand so that Paritosh can wear it. But she finds that she has forgotten the Sherwani at home. She tells Samar about this. Samar says he will get it. But Anupama says that she will also go with him. Samar says but the engagement is about to begin. Anupama says that there can be no engagement without a mother. So she can walk with him.

They go home and return with a sherwani but sees that Paritosh is already engaged. Samar gets angry and says he will tell them. Anupama stops him and is happy only in the happiness of Paritosh and his family. Rakhi takes advantage of this opportunity and taunts Anupama. She even goes as far as to say that she has no place in her house. Anupama gets a shock, and tears start flowing from her eyes.

Next, everyone looks at the engagement photo and finds that Anupama is not in the photo. Samar then tells them how they all forgot Anupama. Jayesh and maternal uncle apologize. Leela says there is no mistake like apologizing. On the contrary, Leela scolds Anupama. Vanraj says, why did she even go from there. Paritosh says she first left the engagement for Sherwani and is now making him feel guilty. Vanraj tells Anupama that she should not become a poor fellow every time. Anupama feels sad to hear this.

Precap: Leela asks Kavya why she is in every photo. She says, is this what her parents have taught her. Kavya yells at Leela. Anupama prevents Kavya from talking to Leela like this.

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