Yeh Hain Chahtein 2 October : Rahul’s vengeful plan

At the beginning of the episode, Rahul explains his plan to Yuvraj, and on the other side, Preesha becomes very happy and decided to surprise Rudraksh with this news. Rudraksh noticed Preesha being too happy and then insisting her to tell him why she was delighted. Then Preesha says to him that today we are going to a special dinner.

Then Rahul and Yuvraj discussed there plan in detail, and then Rahul showed something to Yuvraj, and he becomes very happy and felt proud of Rahul. Rudraksh was rehearsing in front of the mirror through which dialogue he will express his feelings today.

Preesha shared with Vasudha that how Rahul will fix everything back and make everything as before it was. Balraj was sitting in a dark room, holding Rudraksh’s photo frame. Suddenly, Sakshi turned on the light and requested Balraj to fix everything before it became too late. Saransh was helping Rudraksh in selecting the outfit for today’s dinner. Saransh was also too happy to see both of them together.

On reaching the destination, Preesha told Rudraksh to be calmed and not to react weirdly. At the door, after seeing Neerja, Rudraksh gets a little confused and tried to memorize her; suddenly, Rahul came from back calling out his name, then Rudraksh gave a weird look to Preesha and was a little confused.
Episode ends…..

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