Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 October: Naira’s delivery

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik and Naira were telling each other to rest and teasing each other and spending their time. At last, Naira said to Karik recite a lorry for her till she sleeps. Krish was playing his video game with his big headphones.

Krishna came near Krish and started talking, But Krish was not responding, then Krishna waved her hand in from his eyes. And suddenly, Krish got angry and starting blaming her by saying that she spoiled her game. Dadi and Swarna immediately came there and calmed Krish, and Dadi scolded Krishna badly. Krishna gets upset and started crying.

While making Naira sleep, Kartik itself slept. Naira, feeling nervousness, came out of the room. And started talking to Krishna and slept there only. Naira felt little pain in her womb, so Dadi took her to the hospital without informing Kartik. After examining Naira doctor said this is not a false alarm. We have to do the delivery in a few hours.

Kartik gets up and gets to know that Naira is in hospital, and delivery will be conducted quickly. Immediately he leaves for the hospital. In between, his car also broke down, and then he started walking towards the hospital. Then Kartik lends a cycle From a milkman. While riding the bicycle, Naksh met him in between the road and gave him a lift to the hospital.

Episode ends….

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