Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 31 October : Roshni gets her mother’s signal

At the beginning of the episode, Aman thinks about waking up his inner evil, and for that, he cuts off his hand with a knife. Roshni tells Armaan that she will come in a while, but she disappears. Whereas Aman takes the form of Havan, which can cause trouble for him and everyone else.

While Roshni is imprisoned in the lower part of the fountain where she finds her mother, which leads her to a locked box, Roshni tries to open it but cannot open it. While Aman is throwing stuff here and there.

Roshni asks Ammi to help her as she is not able to open the box. There the rest of the family bind Aman in chains so that Aman can overcome his anger. Then they sing their idiom so that they can calm Aman with family power. But no one can stop Aman, and he is freed from the chains. There, Roshni’s mother sings a Lori for her, which opens the chest. And from there she gets a ring.

Aman is becoming uncontrollable, but Roshni comes and calms him down. Aman says he lost the chance to make a sword again. Rehan is about to break the mirror, but Shayari says that breaking the mirror is inauspicious. Rehan says ominously is Shayari. Shayari silences him and does magic to make their work easier.

Roshni tells Aman that she had told him not to do all this, then why did he do this. Aman says that he cannot just sit and wait for the golden sun. Roshni says, but they had decided that they will lead a normal life for some time. Aman says it is normal to save his wife from trouble. Roshni says, but it is not normal to become evil, and then she feels ointment on the injuries on Aman’s hand.

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