Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31 October: Kairav targets Krishna

At the beginning of the episode, the principal tells Naira and Kartik that they have done a great job and worked very hard with the children in a short time. Kartik said that he had instructed all the children to enjoy the act no matter who will win the award. Principal praises Krishna’s act. Naira said that people generally treat roadside children as dust, but it’s not true. They are having much talent and caliber of doing something.

Kairav heard all these and started crying in the corner. Vansh and Krish noticed his tears and tried to calm down Kairav than Kairav make a plan with the other two. Krishna was playing with Akshara. Vansh came and said to her that today she would be getting a reward for he is acting of listening to this Krishnan went to check if she is really getting a reward. Instantly Vansh picked up Krishna, and then Kairav hid Akshara in a box, thinking that now Krishna will get scolded and dragged out from the house by Dadi, then he will go inside with Akshara for which everyone will praise him.

Krishna went to Dadi and asked if she is receiving the award today. Dadi taunted her and said, being selfish every time thinking for herself only. Naira and Kartik also scolded her for showing so much eagerness for the award. Naira told Krishna to bring Akshara to her. Then Kartik and Naira discussed that the award system would discourage the other children who would not get it. Suddenly Krishna came and informed that Akshara is missing. Naira started scolding her; suddenly, Kairav came with Akshara and gave her to Naira, for which Kartik praised him. Dadi told Krishna that you would not stay in this house anymore and dragged her out of the house. Kartik and Naira also support Dadi for this decision.

Vansh snapped his fingers in front of Kairav and waked him up. He told Vansh that he was dreaming of a beautiful dream. There Naira saw a baby in Gayus lap and consider her as Akshara. There Vansh came and said, Kairav, to come inside the house as now Awards will be distributed. Kairavnwas not sure of leaving Akshara alone, but Vansh insisted on him. Their Labours picked all the boxes and loaded them on the truck.

Dadi announces Kairav’s name for best acting, then Naira and Kartik went to the stage and gave everyone an award for their act. At last, Krishna received the award for which Dadi was felt angry and yelling harsh words against her.

Episode end…..

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