Yeh Hain Chahtein 31 October : What is Shardha up to?

At the beginning of the episode, Rudraksh and Pariksha argue. Preesha tells him that Rahul had called him. Rudraksh does not believe her words and put the allegation of an affair with Rahul. Hearing this, Preesha gets angry. She tells him a lot of things. Preesha refuses to play a double standard game with me.

Suddenly the policeman came to Khurana’s house. And tells Balraj that he has a search warrant. Mishka is scared to hear that all the policemen start investigating the house, suddenly they get an earing from Balraj’s room, which would be of Sharda. Is there and demands to take Sarada to the police station for questioning. Sharada also shows them the second leg of the ring. which makes them believe that they both have them with Balraj gets angry with Kirtri’s father and Vows to teach him a lesson

Preesdha tells Sharada that she is hiding something from her as she saw him going to the jewelry shop where she was duplicating this ring. And insists Sharada tell him all the things.

Sharada tells Preesha that there is nothing like she is thinking and does not say anything to her. The Saransh comes to Preesha and asks her to come with her. Saransh takes her to Rudraksh and shows him that Rudraksh is misbehaving in the online class. Preesha closes Rudraksh’s laptop and is afraid of her loudly and says, Sarabnsh has seen him today. How will this affect him? In a while, the school principal’s phone comes and says that Rudraksh will be punished for tarnishing the image of the school, for which he will be suspended for two weeks.

Rudraksha blames Preesha for all this and says that she was with Yuvraj’ yesterday, and she did not even talk to me. Preesha calls her to prove that she was not with Yuvraj, but Yuvraj deliberately does not pick up the phone again. Preesha says that I will prove that she is not in poverty. She is the crown prince and holds her hand and goes to take her to Neerja from there.

Episode end

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