Qurbaan Hua 2 November : Chahat saves everyone from poisonous gas

At the beginning of the episode, the singer in Jagrata burns the incense and tells Vyas Ji to purify Neil’s house, and you turn around in front of God. Vyas Ji thinks a little and starts doing as he says in the wish room. Chahat changes Kripa’s cloth, smoke starts unfolding in the house in a while, and Chahat smells and thinks where does this poison gas coming from. she locks Kripa in that room and goes down. And notice the house becomes full of smoke. All the people of the house fall unconscious due to the poisonous gas.

He shows everyone by making a video call to Ghazala and escapes from there, keeping the ID card in the hand of Vyas Ji. Chahat came putting a cloth on the mouth and quickly opens the window after seeing everyone unconscious Goes and brings an air purifier and called Bhupendra to get an oxygen cylinder, and heat some water, and make them well again.

After regaining consciousness, they find the person who was singing the song. Vyas Ji looks at the card in his hand and tries to read the words written on it, how much Neil takes the ID card from him and deliberately burns the chief Decides to punish Neil tries to call Ghazala. But her phone comes off. Chahat says that she will never pick up your phone. Neil says Ghazala is very much a criminal.

Parmukh decides to file a Fir against this act, but Niel stopped him as everyone was not in a mood of doing something. Vyas Ji was thinking, who is willing to do such things for them.

Neil says once Ghazala is in his hands, he will not leave her. Sings a song to soothe the moonlight, which makes Kripa happy as well. Then Neil and Chahat dance, which Kripa starts laughing, and Chahat wants to study. Neil sits down and fetches tea for her and says now she can read the whole night without sleeping all night. Chahat thanked Niel for the tea.

Episode end

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