Nagin5 31 October – Meera help Bani

At the beginning of the episode, Bani wanted to talk to Veer but Veer yells at her and says she should let him sleep and not bother him. Jai stands under Veer’s house. He taps Bani with the help of a tonic lying in a bottle. And Bani goes in the same direction where Jai is standing. Bani also tries to regain consciousness but fails. Jai plans to make Veer see Bani with him and angrily attacks Bani and then happen what he wants. Bani comes to Jai. He asks Bani if ​​she has come. Bani says she came here chasing good smell. Jai says this smell is so good, right. Bani says yes. Jai completely overcomes Bani. Bani does what he tells Bani.

Jai tells Bani that she need to call Veer’s name out loud. Bani does the same. Jai comes close to Bani and tells her that as soon as Veer comes she tells him that she loves him. Veer comes there and Bani acts as Jai says. Veer asks Jai what he is doing here. Jai tells that he has come to meet Bani and Bani also wanted to meet him. Jai tries to make Veer angry but Veer is didn’t get angry but he tries to handle Bani. Jai is angry that Veer is not getting angry and his plan is failing. While Bani tries to kill herself. Veer tries to stop hee. But then Bani comes into her senses and she thinks Veer wanted to harm her. Veer tries to make her understand that he did not do this. Bani does not listen to him.

Shortly, Bani again gets the effect of tonic and she wounds her hand with a knife. Veer asks hee to come to her senses. Bani does not understand what is happening with her. Veer tells her that all this is happening because of Jai but Bani does not believe him. She thinks about meeting Jai but Veer stops her and says that she will not go out from now on.

In the morning Mayuri informs everyone that Pankaj has recovered and now they can get married. However, it is Jai and Mayuri’s trick in which they trap Pankaj and execute their plan. At the same time, the family is happy to know that Pankaj is perfectly fine and they thinks of having a bachelor’s party before marriage. Bani tells Meera about this and asks her to come as a dancer so that she can help her.

Further, at the party, Meera also brings Dancer’s dress for Bani so that Bani can use it to flee. Shukla recognizes Meera and tells this to Mayuri. Mayuri asks Shukla to inform Jai about it. Shukla does the same. While Bani wears a dress of dancer and Meera replaces Bani. Bani tells Meera if she feels threatened then she can goes to Veer and he will protect her. Meera asks her why she trusts Veer so much. Bani says now is not the time to talk. Bani tries to escape from there but Veer recognizes her and stops her.

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