Nagin5 1 November – Veer reveals to Bani that he is an eagle

At the beginning of the episode, Veer asks Meera whether Meera also hates him like Bani. Meera does not answer. Bani tells Veer that Meera will not answer him. Veer calls his brother and asks him to drop Meera at her home. He says goodbye to Meera. Before going,  Meera says that nothing can be held by force, and if he wants to get something, then try to get it with love. Veer understands her point and leaves Bani’s hand. Bani asks him how he accepted Meera’s words so easily. Veer tells her that he does not want to hurt her and only wants to make her feel what he feels for her. Bani says she feels hatred for him. Veer tells her that this hatred will soon turn into love. And he challenges her that she will express her love for him in 24 hours. Bani describes it as impossible and leaves from there.

As soon as Bani comes out of the room, Jai takes her with him and says that he wants to talk to her. Jai tells Bani about the Maruti tunnel. He tells Bani that she should bring Veer there so that the snake living there will attack Veer, so when he hurries, the tunnel gets breaks, and like this, Veer’s game is over. Bani refuses this and says if the tunnel explodes, naag will also get hurt. Jai says he will protect them. Bani says fine, and then she will execute this plan.

Next, Jai strikes Veer. Veer asks Jai what he wants to quit chasing Bani. Jai says that he will not do it because Bani is in his heart. Veer says that he is lying because if he loves her, then he does not harm Bani. Veer says anyway, and Bani will confess her love for him today, so he does not dare to come around her. Jai says okay and goes from there.

Veer creates a romantic atmosphere for Bani and showers bubbles for her. Bani reminds Sakura of this and gets distracted. Seeing her changed behavior, Veer embraces her and calms her down. Bani touches Veer’s hand and gets the ring, and she calms down, thinking that it is Veer. Veer asks her how she came to know that he is Veer. Bani says she finds out from the ring. Further, Veer gives the property papers to Bani, but Bani refuses to take it and leaves.

In the morning, a Pukhraj-made earring is sent for Bani from Jai. With the help of these earrings, he can hear all Bani’s things, and Bani can hear him too. Then Veer comes there and thinks to take her to the forest. Bani asks him if he wants to take her to Prayag forest. Veer says yes, but how did she know. Bani says she guessed. Then they go towards the forest. But Veer stops the car before the forest. Bani asks him the reason for this. Veer tells her that he wants to share a secret, and Veer comes in eagle form and tells Bani that he is an eagle.

Veer asks Bani if ​​she wants to ask him anything. Bani says, why has he brought her here. Veer says he told her such a big thing and her, but facial expressions did not change. He then tells her that he had made his first flight at this place. He says he wants to tell her something else too.

On the other hand, Jai calls Mayuri and tells Shukla to reach Bani’s place because he wants to see what is happening there. Mayuri says, yes. While Veer and Bani reach the Prayag mountain. Veer narrates his story to Bani and tells that he once saved a girl from the plane crash. Bani thinks that it was Veer who kept her, and she even brought him here to kill him.

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