Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 2 November : Aman wants to kill Rubina

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni is in sleep when Aman wakes up and asks Shayari and Rehan about Ilme Jin. Shayari gives it to him. Shayari also tells him that this is a copy of Ilme Jin, in which all the questions and answers will be inverted. Rehaan asks Aman if Roshni knows. Shayari interrupts him and says that Aman has come hiding only, so it is clear Roshni does not know about it. Aman then asks Ilme Jin if he knows how to kill Rubina.

Shayari asks if he really wants to kill Rubina. Aman says yes because he has no other option. Because if he didn’t kill her, she would kill Roshni. Rehan asks Aman to tell Roshni all this. Aman says he could not do this because Roshni will not let him do something like this. Shayari then asks Ilme Jin the question of Aman, out of which there is an option, and the one is that Ayana can kill the other Ayana. Aman says, but Roshni will not accept it. But they have to do something.

Roshni’s eyes open, and she cannot find Aman with her. She thinks of calling Aman. There Rubina is happy to think that the day she waited for years is going to come. Rubina says that Roshni is sure to die, and she again sees Roshni’s tomb in Ilme Jin and is happy.

In the morning, Roshni asks Aman if he ignores her. Aman says no and adds that he is getting late only to go to the office, so he will have to go. He will talk later. Aman leaves from there, and Rehan comes in a state of unconsciousness in front of Roshni. And Roshni finds a strange man in front of them who attacks them. Roshni attacks the man, but Shayari takes away her powers. And Roshni finds that this man is nobody else but Aman.

Roshni asks Aman why he did this. Aman says that he cannot tell her anything about it. Roshni says if he wants to kill Rubina by using her powers. Aman says, yes. Roshni forbids him to do so. But Aman does not listen to her and captures her with magic and says that he apologizes for this. But if he does not stop her, then she will not let him execute their plan.

Next, Shayari transfers the powers of Roshni to an arrow and says that now that this arrow has Ayana powers, then it can eliminate Rubina through it. Aman goes to Rubina with an arrow.

Rubina tells Aman to do something that she is surprised to see. But it is not his fault because she stops guiding him. Then Rehan and Shayari come there and say that they too with Aman. Rubina laughs at them and attacks them with magic.

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