Anupamma 2 November : Vanraj meet Kavya

At the beginning of the episode, Vanraj comes to meet Kavya at her house. Kavya is happy to see him and hugs him and says that she missed him a lot and she liked that he came here. Vanraj says that he too was worried about her, so he came here. Kavya asks him about Anupama. Vanraj remembers Anupama’s words and says that after Anupama regains her consciousness, she has changed.

Leela asks Anupama about Vanraj. Anupama says she doesn’t know anything about him. Leela asks why. Jayesh says that Vanraj must have gone to work. Leela tells Anupama that Vanraj works a lot, then she should serve him good food as he does not eat well till she does not serve him.

Vanraj thinks that he felt that he would threaten Anupama like always, and she would be scared of him and apologize, but everything went upside down. Vanraj tells Kavya that he cannot believe that she has changed so much in one day. Kavya says that a woman can change in 1 moment. And maybe Anupama has gone ahead, which is good for them, and now they can marry comfortably.

Nandni apologizes to Anupama. Anupama says that she is not angry with her, then do not worry. Nandni hugs her when Samar comes there and angrily tells Nandni that he had told to stay away from her mother, then what is she doing here. Anupama says that Samar should not treat Nandni like that. Nandni tells Anupama that she tried hard to stop Kavya, but she did not listen to her. And when she came to know that Kavya is about to marry Vanraj, she had to tell Paritosh everything. Anupama is shocked to hear about the wedding and rushes to Kavya’s house by taking Samar’s money.

Kavya tells Vanraj that before Anupama’s anger cools down, Vanraj should put the divorce papers in front of Anupama. Vanraj says that it is not easy to do. Kavya says, do exactly what you want. There Anupama is coming towards Kavya’s house. Vanraj is about to leave Kavya’s house, and Vanraj sees Anupama and is hiding in Kavya’s house. He tells Kavya that Anupama here. Anupama rings the doorbell. But Kavya does not open the door. Anupama says that she knows that Kavya is behind the door, then opens the door. Kavya opens the door. Vanraj says that Kavya should not have opened the door.

Pakhi asks Paritosh what happened that Anupama is staying in her room. Paritosh says that she does not need to know about all these things. Samar comes there and asks why. Paritosh tells Samar to be silent. Samar tells Pakhi that when she came to know about the matter, then please support the right. Pakhi says that she feels that something is going terribly wrong.

Kavya tells Anupama that she knows that she is feeling bad, but she and Vanraj love each other a lot and want to get married. Anupama silences her and says that she has not come to listen to her words but tell her something. And she tells her that she doesn’t mind what Vanraj wants now. She wants to say to her that what she did was very wrong.

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