Shaadi Mubarak 2 November : Priyanka’s fiance wants to break the engagement

At the beginning of the episode, Kusum is preparing for the engagement. Preeti tells Kusum that she has washed the ring in Saffron’s milk. Kusum says, well done. Kusum sends Sumedha and Juhi to the station and sends Preeti to work. Preeti refuses, but Kusum says work is necessary, so she should go.

KT tells Mr. Mantri that he will record their talk so that he will not miss anything. Mantri says that he should stop recording because what he wants to tell is not worth recording. KT stops recording. And Mantri tells him that Aryan wants the boy and girl to share the wedding expenses, but he does not like that. So KT has to show the wrong cost to Aryan so that he does not have to pay the money. He says that the girl’s family is ready for this. All that is left is his yes. KT says this thing is wrong, and then they cannot do it. Mantri says that if he starts thinking so much before doing the work, he will never move forward.

Preeti also listens to them and decides that they will not do so. She says that there is nothing wrong with what Aryan said, and if the boy and girl share the expenses, then there is nothing wrong with that. Mantri says she should not teach him. Aryan comes there and scolds him for his father’s wrong thinking. And says that now he will do court marriage and leave from there. The Mantri scolds KT and Preeti for this and leaves.

Further, in the engagement, Priyanka’s fiance talks about breaking the engagement. Kusum asks the reason for this. Priyanka’s fiancee shows her a photo of Priyanka and Tarun. He asks them who this boy is. Rati comes there and says that this man is her husband her whom Priyanka wanted to implicate. Juhi interrupts and says that it was nothing like that, Tarun is the one who trapped Priyanka, and since Priyanka is naive, she fell into his trap. Kusum apologizes to them, but Preeti comes there and says that Tarun should ask for forgiveness.

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