Yeh Hain Chahtein 2 November : A shocker for the Khurana’s

At the beginning of the episode, Yuvraj gets Rahul’s call and said to him that Neerja is regaining her health. Yuvraj gets a little worried about this. Rahul acknowledged that Preesha helped Neerja in this and told him that he is feeling guilty about that and wanted to fix everything back. Ahana received all the Cctv footage and was checking it. Ahana tells Mishka that now we will get to know the real murderer. Yuvraj got very angry about Rahul’s decision and said to him that he would meet Neerja.

Ahana didn’t find anything new in the CCTV footage and found nothing in that. Then Ahana called the Hotel manager and told him to gather all the data before the police try to find him. Rudraksh came with Preesha to the hospital. And dragged Rudraksh near Neerjs bed and show him the LIVE that how Neerja reacts to her talks.

Suddenly Yuvraj entered the room. Yuvraj moves towards hug Preesha, but Rudraksh stopped him and said don’t try to do fishy things in front of him. Yuvraj tried to provoke Rudraksh. Rudraksh told Preesha that she has made this place to meet her lover in the name of Neerja and rushed out of the room.

Pressha scolded Yuvraj and said to him that why he tried to manipulate Rudraksh last night. Preesha told Yuvraj a characterless man and leaves From there.Police arrived at Balraj’s house with Kirti’s father. Police told Balraj that the foreseen team had found skin layers under Kirti’s nail, and he has court orders for that. Police requested Balraj to cooperate with them. Balraj tells the policeman to carry on his investigation.

The investigation department started collecting everyone’s DNA samples. Saransh asked Preesha that what’s happening in the house. Police saw Saransh and said he also has to give his samples. Sharada was a little worried and thinking of something. Pressha noticed and was thinking that why Sharada is in tension.

Rahul came to Yuvraj and told him why he is doing all these with Preesha. Yuvraj asked him that why he changed his motto suddenly. Rahul tells him that because of her, Neerja is suffering. Yuvraj tried to convince him, but Rahul was very clear about his plan. Yuvraj thought in his mind that now it’s time to bit Rahul from the car. Balraj called his Lawyer and told him to keep the police far from his family. Pressha went to meet Shardha, but the door was locked, and the servant said, her not to disturb her as she is sleeping. Shardha was crying and talking to herself.

Episode end

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