Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2 November: Kairav and Akshara were missing

At the beginning of the episode, Krishana praised Kairav for his acting. Then Kairav and the other children decided to drop the plan, which he made for Krishna. Kairav came back and did not found Akshara there and started panicking. Then he noticed that the box in which he hid Akshara was missing from there. The truck was about to leave.

Naira gets to know that whom she was considering Akshara was Vatsal in real. Naira started panicking and searching for Akshara. Alekh claimed that few times before Akshara was with Krishna. Kairav started running after the truck. Naira was asking Krishna about Akshara, but she was not able to recall anything. Dadi said loudly that from day one, she is creating a problem for us. Naira gets collapsed, losing her consciousness. Kairav was running after the truck, Suddenly the driver stopped the truck, and Kairav climbed up into the truck.

Krish and Vansh were wearing that why Kairav did not come back. They thought that now they have to face all the blames. All the family members were unable to find Akshara in the house. Manish claimed that someone has intensionally hidden Akshara. Dadi tells Krishna that Vansh said to her that Dadi is giving her an award. Kartik interrogates both the child about Akshara, but Manish stopped him in between.

Kartik secretly heard Krish and Vansh talking about Kariav and started asking them about Kairav. Naira started crying and requesting Kartik to bring back both Children.

Kairav was finding that boxes, In Which he has hidden Akshara. At last, he did not find Akshara anywhere. Kartik was continuously trying to contact the truck driver, but he did not get any response. Naira and Kartik left from home. In the search for Kairav and Akshara. Suddenly Kairav heard Akshara’s crying Voice. Kartik reached the main office and got to know that the truck driver will take some time to reach here.

At last, Kairav founded Krishna in a box and hugged her. Akshara was not opening her eyes and not responding to Kairav. Kairav tried many times to make her wake, but Akshara did not respond.

Dadi was crying in the home for Akshara. Vansh and Krish were praying for both of them. Krishna also prayed for their safe return. Kartik called the truck driver and said to him to check the truck there hr might found Kairav and Akshara. Naira instructed him to check the boxes properly. But the truck driver did not found anything in the truck.

Episode end

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