Shakti 2 November : Parmeet curses Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, there is still a buzzing of Heer words in Preeto’s ears. Malika approaches her. Preeto tells her that Heer left her home lifeless. She tells her that Heer did not embrace her and went away. She cries a lot and says that she is worried about her future because she is a eunuch. And it happened because of Soumya; neither does she come into her life nor connect with her eunuchs nor her granddaughter eunuch is born. Malika says that Soumya is not guilty of this it is her fault that she cursed Preeto, and all this happened. But she does not need to worry because Virat is like Harman, who will always be with Heer.

Heer comes to Virat’s house. Simran opens the door for them. Virat asks Simran, where are the people of the house. He asks her if they will not perform the Grah Pravesh ritual. Parmeet says that when there is an incomplete marriage, then what is the need to perform the ritual. Preeto has not allowed the full rounds to happen, then what is the need to do such things as Grah Pravesh. Virat asks Heer to enter the house. Heer says she won’t go inside the house before Grah Pravesh. Parmeet says that she does not expect all this from her. Sant tells Virat that if he has to come in, then come in now. Otherwise, they can change their mind. Virat tells Sant that at least you understand. Parmeet asks that she has taken the contract to understand things. Virat thinks about what he should do now because he cannot tell the truth to anyone.

Heer asks Gurminder to call Preeto and tell her what is happening to her. Gurminder refuses, but Parmeet and Simran force her. So she calls, and Heer tells Preeto how many problems she is facing because of her. Shano is happy to see all this. Preeto tells Virat that if so, he can come to her house. At the same time, Parmeet disconnects the phone and agrees to the Grah Pravesh ritual. On the other hand, Soham is preparing for revenge. Heer entry into Sant’s home is successful.

Heer and Virat take the blessings of Parmeet and Sant. Sant gives Heer his blessing and calls her daughter-in-law. Heer remembers Preeto’s condition in which she said that her in-laws need to consider her as their daughter. Parmeet and Sant say that they have only one daughter, Simran, and Heer is their daughter-in-law, so don’t accept more from them. Virat makes Heer understands that everything will be alright slowly, but for now, they should rest now.
Further, Parmeet comes to Harak and Preeto’s house. Preeto asks her if everything is okay. Permeet says no. Preeti asks her the reason for coming. And Parmeet curses her for her rude acts.

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