Qurbaan Hua 3 November : Gazala manipulate Godhambhari

At the beginning of the episode, Neel wakes up and kisses Kripa, and then he noticed Chahat slept at the study table. Godambhari shouted and asked Chahat to warm up the water for Vyas Ji. Naveli and Vyas Ji were discussing last night’s incident. Neel came downstairs, and suddenly Godhambhari asked about Chahat Neel said yesterday the whole night Kripa was crying, so Chahat did not sleep at all.

Neel went back to wake up Chahat. Chahat started maiming while sleeping. Then Chahat started worrying that, how she will go for the examination. Then Neel calmed her and said not to worry at all. He will Handel everything. Parmukh came with the policeman and acknowledged Vyas Ji that the singer was a stranger man.

Gazala was checking all the local channels for Vyas Ji’s death news. Vyas Ji advised Parmukh to get the details of Dr. Baigh as soon as possible. Neel gets feard after seeing artificial Skelton in Chahat hand. Then Chahat showed him another one.

Godambhari called Chahat and rests on her bed. Then Neel and Chahat frighten Godgambhari using that artificial skeleton, and Neel changed his voice tone and said Godhmbari not to trouble Chahat anymore and repeat this 5 times by closing her eyes. Then Chahat and Neel escaped from there.

Then Chahat came to Godgambhari and asked her why she called her then Godhmbari, said her to rest. Neel told Chahat to continue her study and wrote all the best on Chahat hand.

While Vyas Ji and Jamunaparshad were taking steam, Suddenly Parmukh came with the document regarding Dr. Baigh family. Neel gets shocked. Parmukh took out all the papers and acknowledged Vyas Ji about their family member. Vyas Ji asked Parmukh about the daughter of Dr baigh. Then Parmukh said her name Ykuta Khatun. Vyas Ji gets angry and said, from now we all have to be more attentive. Neel thought that who is this Yakuya Khatun. Gazala called Godgambhari and said to her that she had a nightmare that you all were in danger. Then Godhmbari acknowledges her that how Chahat saved. Then Gazala tried to manipulate Godgambhari against Chahat by blaming her for the previous incident.

Neel came and found Chahat was sleeping, then he tried to wake her, but she felt on the ground unconscious.

Episode end

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