Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 November 2020 Written Update : Naira lands in trouble

At the beginning of the episode, While working on the laptop, Kartik tells Naira that for her, he has done many things before marriage. Karti acknowledges her about how he came sitting on a camel. Suddenly all the children started laughing at the Door. Kartik felt ashamed In front of the children. Kairav gives him the idea to correct his mistake, and today he should come on a horse to take Naira. Kartik started making excuses, and immediately Naira taunted him and told him a looser. Kairav took stand for Kartik and said that his father had married a female tiger how he can be a coward. Kartik took the challenge and said he would come on a horse and help her in breaking the fast.

Naira refuses, but Kartik was very confident this time. Krish makes a cake for Naksh and Kirti and surprises them by singing a song while playing guitar. After completing his work, Kartik contacted a few horse dealers, but he didn’t get anyone. Naira listened to this and made fun of him. Kairav came to call Naira and praises him for her beauty.

Kartik was searching for the horse, suddenly he enters an ongoing procession, and while dancing he deals with the horse owner. Naira came downstairs, and Dadi asks for Kartik and tells this is the wrong time of going somewhere. Naira called. Kartik and requested him to come back, but Kartik said he will not come without the horse. Suddenly he heard some voices and went near the crowd and get to know that the bride has run away and they were worried about dowry. Kartik taunted which they didn’t like, and went off from there.

Kartik took the buggy and move towards home. As soon as he leaves the groom came back and asked the owner that where is that buggy, and then they doubted Kartik and decided to lodge a Fir. Dadi was requesting Naira to call Kartik as soon as possible. Kartik buggy breaks down. He tries to find the engine, suddenly Naira called and get to know that Kartik is bringing a buggy and gets angry and requested him to come back.

Naira told him that she is coming to take her. Police get the details of the bride, and they were searching for her, suddenly they came across Naira and consider her that bride which ran from her marriage. Naira tries to convince them, but they were not allowing her to go any further.

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