Yeh Hain Chahtein 12 November 2020 Written Update : Rudraksh grand gesture

At the beginning of the episode, Rudkray requests Preesha to share her feelings too. Preesha felt shy and went off from there. They both came home and together. Preesha went to see Saransh, but Rudraksh held her hand and told her to come back if Saransh is not awake. Rudraksh again told her to tell those magical words. Preesha thinks in her mind that she will not say so easily.

Preesha acted of telling but at last, she changed her words and told him to give some time for this. The next morning Balraj went to the police station and submitted all the proofs and bring back Shardha. Preesha came to Rudraksh room and felt shy seeing him shirtless. Rukdray started teasing her and hugged her from the back.

Preesha was feeling uncomfortable and told him to leave her. But Rudraksh told her to speak those magical words, suddenly Saransh shouted that Shardha had come back. Preesha pushed Preesha and went off from there. Ahana acted of praying for Shardha the whole night. Rudraksh again trapped Preesha and asked her to say those magical words.

A stranger woman in a dark room was watching Rudraksh pic on her phone and waiting for Rudraksh reply. The next morning Gps and Vashuda came to Khuranas’s house, and immediately he gathered all of them and said that he wants to confess everything. and want to aware you of all of something which we all have misunderstood. al was a little surprised and eager to hear him.

Then Rudraksh explained to everyone that how Rahul planned to manipulate him against Preesha. Rudraksh also apologizes to Gps for misbehaving that night. Rudraksh felt guilty for the things which he did to Preesha. Ahana was feeling jealous of this. Rudraksh touches Preesha’s feet and apologies for his mistake m everyone gets shocked on seeing this.

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